How can you assemble a brand new Sonic Screwdriver?

The Sonic Screwdriver is a Gallifreyan device which served as a multi-purpose tool to Doctor in the ever popular TV show, Doctor Who. This device is flooded with an array of features that let the doctor control various objects at just the press of his thumb. If you are an ardent lover of this TV show then you might be already aware that doctor has used on array of screwdrivers in various designs and varied ability until his lifetime. The latest one that has received many replicas making rounds in the market is the one used by the 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor which was created within the console of TARDIS when the previous screwdriver was destroyed badly while confronting the prisoner Zero at the Lead worth village.

When compared to other siblings, this screwdriver and flaunts a green light which continues to be an integral part of the doctor as it becomes handy equipment while he explores the universe. If you have bought a brand new replica of the Sonic Screwdriver then you will need 3LII54 batteries and a traditional screwdriver.

Assembling Sonic Screwdriver:

  • Remove Sonic Screwdriverfrom the pack and hold it with your hand. Now twist the upper part (rigid section in silver and green tip) and pull it away. Now the battery caring in green would be visible with the top portion.
  • Loosen and remove both the screws on green caring and remove the cover.
  • Fit the batteries and put back the cover and screws.
  • Align the bottom of the screwdriver using the green caring and the grooves.
  • Now push the piece at the bottom over the green caring and connect it with the top portion of the device. As soon as the connection is established, you can slide the device at the same time.
  • Now test this screwdriver by pushing the black button on its lower back on the midsection. This would cause the device to generate a high pitched noise and the green light would glow.
  • Now push the black button on top to extend the device and replicate the scan mode. You can now open the bottom lid and touch the red colored button of the screwdriver to make it activate a different noise and light.
  • Make sure you replace the screws correctly without stripping it. If the screws are flimsy then replace it.