Benefits of hiring an SEO Firm

When looking for an effective way to market a business today, SEO is one of the most cost-effective tools that businesses both large and small can leverage to achieve growth. Instead of following the same strategies that everyone else uses, businesses can use this new innovative strategy in order to generate new targeted leads. By working with an SEO firm, companies can therefore expect to get better results from their marketing campaigns. Businesses that can benefit from this type of marketing range widely, including businesses both large and small. This article will explain how businesses can use the services of a professional SEO firm to get better marketing results.

1. More Cost-Effective

One great advantage of SEO is that it is very cost effective for businesses today. Instead of spending great amounts of money to target customers that are not interested, businesses that leverage SEO can expect to save money by not wasting their advertising dollars on customers who are not interested in a product. Through SEO, specific keywords can be targeted that seems to offer a good potential of adding value to the particular person doing the query. As time goes on, businesses can refine these specific keywords that they choose in order to get the most out of their SEO campaigns.

2. Building Brand Awareness

When businesses spread the word about their offerings, awareness will increase among target customers. Whether they are looking to purchase immediately or later down the road, they can expect to have customers coming in looking for more information. Even if the customer is not interested, there is a good chance that the customer might know someone who is. This can lead to additional sales by using an SEO services firm.

3. Website Traffic Growth

Getting traffic to a website is the most important factor for successful Internet marketing campaign. Without this, nobody would be able to know about a business is offerings because they would never actually visit the page. However, not all web traffic is the same. It is important that it is targeted in a way that is designed to actually achieve business goals. In many cases, a professional SEO services firm can generate thousands of new hits each month in order to generate new sales.

4. Return on Investment

Businesses that invest in SEO services can expect to obtain a very high return on investment. Again, this is because competition is low within Internet marketing channels for businesses today. Those who jump on this opportunity now will be able to reap the benefits long into the future as SEO efforts can take some time. Our company’s services can help any business to achieve success with this new marketing strategy in the online marketplace today.

Bail Hearing

Being arrested in California is a frightening and potentially life-altering experience. It can be especially terrifying to be in custody, which is why most people are anxious to make bail. However, bail can be excessively expensive, putting a financial strain on the defendant and his or her friends and family. Having a capable Los Angeles bail hearing attorney on the case can be enormously helpful. With their legal knowledge, they may be able to get your bail reduced or dropped entirely. Bail can be necessary if you’re picked up for a criminal defense, or if you’re accused of immigration fraud. Any immigration attorney will tell you – you can get arrested, and be bailed out, even if you get picked up by the immigration and naturalization agency.

What Is Bail?

Bail acts as a financial promise that the defendant will appear for subsequent court dates. The defendant may pay the entire amount of bail with cash, a personal check or cashier’s check. Because the amount of bail is usually substantial, it is common for defendants to use a bail bondsman. The bondsman puts up the full amount of the bail on behalf of the defendant in exchange for receiving no more than 10 percent of the total amount of the bail. This 10 percent is the bondsman’s commission and is not refundable. Sometimes the bail bondsman will only take eight or nine percent of the amount if the defendant is represented by a criminal defense attorney. Working with a bail bondsman means that the defendant only has to come up with a fraction of the total bail amount. Still, this can be an excessive amount of money depending upon how much bail is set for. 

How is Bail Determined in California?

Each county in the state sets its own bail schedule. Accordingly, counties can set vastly different bail amounts for the same crime. Still, crimes that are of a less serious nature will have smaller bail amounts while more serious crimes come with larger bail. The amounts can range from $10,000 or less for minor crimes, but can rise to multiple millions of dollars for serious felonies. Nearly all defendants are eligible for bail in California, but there are exceptions. Crimes that may carry a penalty of life imprisonment or the death penalty typically are not eligible.

What Is the Bail Hearing?

Even though each county sets a bail schedule, judges are given some latitude when it comes to setting actual bail amounts. The judge has the discretion to reduce, raise or even eliminate bail depending upon the circumstances of a particular case. A skilled, experienced Los Angeles bail hearing attorney is more likely to be able to help a defendant have their bail reduced or dropped. That’s because skillful negotiation and creative thinking may be the keys to saving the defendant a great deal of money.

The California bail hearing is essentially the defendant’s opportunity to ask the judge to reduce or drop their bail. It’s important that there be some logic behind this request. Simply stating that the defendant cannot afford the bail is not a sufficient argument. Instead, it is up to the California criminal defense attorney to come up with reasons why the defendant should be eligible for reduced bail or to be released on their own recognizance.

How Does a Judge Decide to Reduce or Eliminate Bail?

Judges look at a number of different factors in making or changing a bail decision. The bail hearing is not the time for determining the defendant’s guilt or innocence. Accordingly, the precise circumstances of the accused crime may not play a large role in the judge’s decision making. Instead, the judge will look for evidence that the defendant has significant community ties, the seriousness of the accused offense, the likelihood that the defendant will appear for future court dates and whether or not the safety of the defendant or the public will be adversely affected by the defendant’s release. If you have made all court appearances to date, have not been accused of any subsequent crimes and have a long history in your community, then there is a good chance that your bail will be reduced or dropped.

Being Released on Bail or on Your Own Recognizance

In an effort to reduce the amount of bail you owe or to convince the court to release you on your own recognizance, or OR, your Los Angeles bail hearing attorney will make suggestions to the court that will provide greater assurances that you will appear for future court dates. These suggestions may include that you will move into an in-patient treatment facility, that you will submit to house arrest, that you will surrender your passport and driver’s license or that you will submit to periodic reporting to a probation officer. While any of these restrictions may certainly limit your freedom while you are awaiting trial, they are all preferable to having to remain in custody.

Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers

Confidence, skill and experience matter when it comes to successfully managing bail hearings. The creative attorneys at this firm understand the bail schedules in each of the counties surrounding the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Moreover, we are familiar with the judges and prosecutors who handle these cases, which essentially gives us insider knowledge regarding how they have approached cases that are similar to yours in the past. Put our considerable knowledge to work for you by hiring us as your Los Angeles bail hearing attorneys. Our proven track record of getting bail reduced or dropped for clients speaks for itself.

Xray Machines

There are many alternatives you have when it comes to dental x-ray machines. In this post, we will go over some of the best categories of these x-ray machines. We’ll also discuss the top factors to consider when you have to purchase the finest machine for your dental office or lab. Once we’ve gone through explaining the various classes of machines, as well as suggestions on specific characteristics to consider, we will move into introducing a few of the top makers of these machines. At the end of the post, you will be able to get a good sense of the particular kind of machines and functionalities that serve your work best when shopping for a dental x-ray machine, in addition to an notion of the top brands to start looking into.

There are a lot of dental x-ray machines out accessible now, from streamlined machines to portable machines to panoramic and intra-oral x-ray machines. Tons of compact machine are also mobile in nature and can be used with no wires. This enables the machine to be journey-friendly. Besides these machines, intra-oral cameras are usually purchase at exactly the same time too.

New Or Used Dental X-Ray Machines?

One significant point to notice before buying a machine is to determine if you’d like an entirely new set of dental x-ray machine or can you make do with a used set. There are a number of suppliers of these machines with many models of offer, be it panoramic or intra-oral machines. Used machines are occasionally considered a good purchase because they are fully refurbished and undergoes exhaustive testing and review before being put in the marketplace again, and yet available for a fraction of the cost of a brand new one.

When purchasing the right x-ray machine, another variable to consider is the quantity of radiation exposure and it’s within safe levels for the operator. Some models offer higher degrees of safety so it is suggested to go for these versions.

An additional point to note before the purchase of dental x-ray machines is the technology applied in the machine. Now, it is quite common for machine to come with digital x ray capacity. The digital images can be perspective immediately on the display and has a better resolution than older technologies. The digital files are additionally be easily stored and don’t need much space as compared to physical films.

Popular Brands Of Dental X-Ray Machines

Gendex – Gendex is broadly celebrated leader xray technology for dentistry. The firm has existed for a long time having been established over a century ago. Their partner in dental gear, KaVo, Gendex provides machines for a variety of dental x ray uses.

Aribex – Aribex is new to the market and specializes in compact dental x-ray machines. The market was founded in 2003 and has since then has built a good standing. They may be specialist in mobile or handheld machines allowing them to develop a deep and high quality variety of handheld machines.

When searching for dental x-ray machines, do think about the machine you want, whether it’s mobile, panoramic or intra-oral machines. A fantastic place to start your search is through the web.

Why You Need a Bail Bond

Bail bonds are one of the most important words you’ll hear, if you’re ever arrested. Hiring a bail bondsman can mean the difference between spending days, or even months, in jail — or not! Bail bonds are typically given in instances where you’re arrested, and the court wants some form of collateral in order to let you go. While you may not be convicted yet, they want some form of guarantee that if they let you go, you’ll come to all the court proceedings, and do not disappear.

Typically, the bail will vary, depending on how extreme the crime you’ve done is, and how big of a flight risk you’re deemed. For example, if you’ve done a petty crime, your bail may only be a few thousand dollars. But, if you’re accused of manslaughter, etc, your bail may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. When this type of situation occurs, a bail bondsman can help pay the bail, in exchange for some form of collateral from you.

Typically, the bail bondsman, will ask you to pay him a % of the bond. For example, on a $200,000 bond, you may be asked to pay $20-$50,000. If you don’t have enough money, a bail bondsman may ask for other forms of collateral, for example if you’re house is worth $300,000, they may put a lien on the house in order to secure collateral in exchange for the bail bond.

Typically,  the fee you have given will be returned at a later point (when the bond is no longer needed). At this juncture, the bail bondsman will charge you interest, on the bail bond. This interest is a set fee, and will be for the duration of the bail bond. For example, on a $200,000 bail bond, you may end up paying $5-$10,000 in interest fees. It all depends on how much you’re borrowing. The good news, is that the interest doesn’t keep accruing on a monthly basis, like other loans. This is a “hard fee” that caps off.

About The Author

Clay Daley is the President of In&Out Bail Bonds, the premier Las Vegas bail bonds agency.

House Hunting? Handle Your Mortgage First

Before house-hunting ever begins, it’s great to know exactly how much expensive of a house the borrower can afford. By planning ahead, time will be saved in the long run and applying for loans which will be turned down and bidding on properties that cannot be obtained are avoided. Know what banks are the best ones to discover individual qualification is really helpful information needed before even trying to find a home.

How Much Can I Afford?

The old formula that was used to discover how much a borrower could afford was about three times the gross yearly income. However, this formula has proven to not constantly be dependable. It is safer and more realistic to look at the individual budget and work out how much cash there is to save and what the monthly payments on a new house will be. When figuring out what kind of mortgage payment one can afford, other variables for example taxes care, insurance, and other expenses should be factored. Usually, lenders want borrowers having monthly payments exceeding more than 28% to 44% of the borrower’s monthly income. For those who have excellent credit, the lender may allow the payments to surpass 44%. To aid in this conclusion, banks have mortgage calculators on their websites to assist in determining the mortgage payment that you can manage.

Check Your Credit History Thoroughly

Lenders like to look at credit histories through a request to credit bureaus to make the borrower’s credit file accessible. This enables the lender to make a more educated decision regarding loan qualifications. Through the credit report, lenders acquire the borrower’s credit score, also called the FICO score and this advice can be got from the major credit bureaus TransUnion, Experiean, and Equifax. The FICO score represents the statistical summary of data included within the credit report. It includes bill payment history and the number of outstanding debts in comparison to the borrower’s income.

The higher the borrower’s credit score, the easier it is to get a loan or to pre-qualify for a mortgage. If the borrower habitually pays invoices late, subsequently a lower credit score is anticipated. A lower score may get the lender to reject the application, demand a large down payment, or charge a high rate of interest in order to reduce the risk they’re taking on the borrower.

After fundamental calculations are done and a financial statement was completed, the borrower can ask the lender for a prequalification letter. What the prequalification letter states is that loan approval is likely based on credit history and income. Prequalifying lets the borrower know just how much can be borrowed and how much will be needed for a down payment.

Yet, prequalification may not be adequate in some scenarios. The borrower wants to be authorized because it means that a specific loan amount is guaranteed. It is more binding and it means the lender has already performed a credit check and evaluated the financial situation, rather than rely on the borrowers own statements like what is done in prequalification. Preapproval means the lender will actually loan the money after an appraisal of the property and a purchase contract and title report was drawn up.

There are two simple ratios that lenders use to find out how much to pre-approve a borrower for. Here’s how these ratios are calculated:

Ratio #1: Total monthly housing costs when compared with total monthly income

The borrower should write down, before deductions, the entire gross amount received per month.
The number in step 1 should be multiplied by .28. This is what most lenders will use as a guide to what the total housing costs are for the borrower. Depending on the percentage, a higher percent may be used.

Ratio #2: Debt to income

The borrower writes down all monthly payments that extend beyond 11 months into the future. These may be installment loans, car loans, credit card payments, etc.
The resulting number in the first step should be multiplied by .35. Overall monthly debt must not surpass the resulting amount.

About The Author

John King, is the President of First Nationwide Lending, the premier Florida mortgage company, with offices in all major cities in Florida, including Sarasota, Miami, Tampa, and others.

What’s an ethanol fireplace

An ethanol fireplace can make a nice addition to your home. One of the many great things about an ethanol fireplace is that you can place it anywhere inside of your home, and the flame will still be visible. These fireplaces are also powered with ethanol fuel. There are several benefits that come along with using ethanol fuel. Unlike many other types of fuel, ethanol does not produce smoke or soot. It does not use any oil and is made up of 100 percent alcohol.

Renewable agriculture products are used to produce ethanol, such as potatoes, wheat, grains and corn. Ethanol is also produced in a way that does not harm the environment. We have ethanol fuel in quart-sized bottles that are easy to pour.

There are a number of benefits that you can reap from having an ethanol fireplace. Because they do not produce odor or smoke, they can be installed in homes with no chimney. They can also be installed in a small space. Not only are ethanol fireplaces flueless, but they can also produce a good amount of heat. That is why they are great for keeping your home warm during the winter time. Furthermore, ethanol fireplaces are easy to install and use.

Safety is a common concern for people who want to install a fireplace in their home. However, ethanol fireplaces are extremely safe. Carbon dioxide and water vapor are the combustion products of ethanol. Keep in mind that only a small amount of carbon dioxide is produced during the combustion process.

We have a variety of ethanol fireplaces for you to choose from. The Cube-Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace, Lata-Recessed Ethanol fireplace, Tectum Mini Red-Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace, Cube XL-Freestanding Ethanol fireplace and Optimium-Recessed Ethanol Fireplace are some of the different ethanol fireplaces that we have. We can help you select the fireplace that is right for you.

We make it our priority to offer quality ethanol fireplaces for a price that customers will be able to afford. Free shipping is also available with all of our products in the continental United States. Furthermore, we have worldwide shipping. Contact us if you want to know more about our ethanol fireplaces.

How can you assemble a brand new Sonic Screwdriver?


The Sonic Screwdriver is a Gallifreyan device which served as a multi-purpose tool to Doctor in the ever popular TV show, Doctor Who. This device is flooded with an array of features that let the doctor control various objects at just the press of his thumb. If you are an ardent lover of this TV show then you might be already aware that doctor has used on array of screwdrivers in various designs and varied ability until his lifetime. The latest one that has received many replicas making rounds in the market is the one used by the 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor which was created within the console of TARDIS when the previous screwdriver was destroyed badly while confronting the prisoner Zero at the Lead worth village.

When compared to other siblings, this screwdriver and flaunts a green light which continues to be an integral part of the doctor as it becomes handy equipment while he explores the universe. If you have bought a brand new replica of the Sonic Screwdriver then you will need 3LII54 batteries and a traditional screwdriver.

Assembling Sonic Screwdriver:

  • Remove Sonic Screwdriverfrom the pack and hold it with your hand. Now twist the upper part (rigid section in silver and green tip) and pull it away. Now the battery caring in green would be visible with the top portion.
  • Loosen and remove both the screws on green caring and remove the cover.
  • Fit the batteries and put back the cover and screws.
  • Align the bottom of the screwdriver using the green caring and the grooves.
  • Now push the piece at the bottom over the green caring and connect it with the top portion of the device. As soon as the connection is established, you can slide the device at the same time.
  • Now test this screwdriver by pushing the black button on its lower back on the midsection. This would cause the device to generate a high pitched noise and the green light would glow.
  • Now push the black button on top to extend the device and replicate the scan mode. You can now open the bottom lid and touch the red colored button of the screwdriver to make it activate a different noise and light.
  • Make sure you replace the screws correctly without stripping it. If the screws are flimsy then replace it.

What’s a short sale


One of the biggest issues caused by the downturn in the economy, was that homes that had inflated prices, became less valuable. This resulted in many homeowners having mortgages worth more than the home itself. With a weak economy, this can be a “death kiss” for homeowners, struggling to make ends meet! If you fit into this category, then you may wish to consider a short sale.

A short sale is when a house is sold for market value, even if it’s less than what was owed on the house. Generally a mortgage lender can refuse to allow the sale to happen. But, if you have a short sale attorney on your side, they may allow for it to happen, and accept the proceeds. When considering a short sale, there’s a number of factors to consider, such as tax consequences, etc.

Mortgage lenders sometimes favor a short sale, since it avoids a long, drawn out, foreclosure, which can be expensive for the lender. For the homeowner, this is a beneficial course of action, since you’re able to pay off the loan for less than what it’s owned.

When considering a short sale, never forget the tax implications. Depending on the short sale, the IRS may, or may not, become involved. They might treat the sale of the home, as income. This pitfall must be avoided, and can be avoided, with the help of a short sale attorney!

If you’re not interested in a short sale, there may be other alternatives available. For example, you may be able to refinance the loan, or declare bankruptcy, in lieu of doing a short sale. In addition, you may be eligible for government assisted refinancing options.

About The Author

Jason Denton is a writer for, the premier Florida short sale law firm.

Hiring a divorce lawyer


Hiring a divorce attorney is one of the most dreadful things one can think of — next to going to the dentist! It’s something no married couple wants to ever consider, but when the day comes, and that decision is front of you, – you better do your research. Hiring a divorce lawyer, is important – but what’s more important is knowing what you want.

For example – are you truly looking for a divorce, are you at that stage? Or are you simply looking for some form of mediation, and want to try and patch things up? Too often couples go right for the “D word,” instead of trying to fix their relationship, or at least try. Many times, couples counseling can assist with relieving mixed emotions, which need to be discussed and resolved. But, if you find that counseling isn’t cutting it, then a divorce, or at the very least separation, might be necessary.

First and foremost, avoid a “DIY” divorce kit. Rarely do those kits take into account everything under the sun, such as assets, property, child support, alimony, etc, and frequently an attorney is needed afterwards to fix the mess caused by the “DIY kit.” In states such as New York, a “no fault” divorce is allowed. This is true for other states as well. In order to qualify, though, you have to be legally separated from your spouse for at least 1 year. If you are, then under the guidelines of New York state, you can get a divorce that is “no fault.” Before this, the only way to get a divorce would be if one of the spouses was cheating on the other, etc.

Once you decide you need a divorce attorney, consider looking at places like Google places, and AVVO – for reviews. Generally speaking, you should consider working with an attorney who has many reviews on these places. It’s potentially easy for an attorney to manipulate these review portals, but if they have a large number of reviews, it’s likely they are trustworthy.

See if the lawyer offers a risk free consultation, and take advantage of it. Ask for references, and case studies of other couples. Generally speaking, an experienced divorce lawyer should be able to cite other cases similar to your own, from his years of experience. If he can’t, you should be careful, and assume he may not be the most qualified to help you. Another factor to consider is the size of his/her law firm. Generally smaller law firms may not be able to provide an adequate level of attention if they have too many clients. Ask the lawyer if you’ll be dealing with him, or his paralegal. Generally, cheaper law firms will take the easy way out, and assign you to a paralegal. This may result in you and your needs not being properly expressed, or represented.

About The Author

Jason Goldman is a lawyer at Raiser & Kenniff, PC, the premier NYC divorce lawyers, with over 40 years of combined experience.

Questions To Ask a Car Shipping Company

If you’re considering shipping your car, you should make sure to know as much information as possible about the company you’re about to hire. Car shipping can be potentially risky, especially if you hire a company that is known for doing “sewer jobs.”

1. What methods are used to ship the vehicle.

Know exactly how your vehicle will be shared. Truck and train are normally the two most common methods.

2. Is the company registered?

Any auto transport service provider is required to be registered with their respective Department of Transportation. Confirm the fact they actually have a registration number, and see if the company operates nationwide.

3. Insurance!

Your motor insurance may, or may not, cover any damages to the vehicle while being transported from one state, to another. You should find out though if the shipping company has insurance for any damage. Ask to see proof of insurance + level of coverage.

4. How long will it take.

This is the million dollar question. Ask them to give you a firm estimate. Any reasonable company will provide something in writing

5. Is the transportation door-to-door? Can you place personal items in the vehicle for shipping

This is normally added convenience and service. Most companies who excel at customer service provide additional benefits, like the ones mentioned above, in order to show case how great they are.

6. How much will it cost?

Cost can vary, depending on the vehicle, and miles it is being transported. You should try to compare prices among different companies, and then try to have them fight against each other to give you the lowest.

7. “What If” the car gets damaged.

This is an important question, and you should press strongly on getting an answer. Simply being told “don’t wory about it,” doesn’t suffice

8. What documents do they need to ship the car?

Huge question. Some transporters will absolutely require insurance + registration documents in order to ship your car. Find out before you get hit with a surprise!


About The Author

Nathan is a writer for Number1AutoTransport, the premier Car Shipping and Auto Transport company 

Live Transfer Mortgage Leads


You are ready to do business and are prepared to offer your services to other businesses. But here’s the catch – you need more clients! If you’re a mortgage broker/lender, then continuously getting a source of new leads is a huge problem.

You’ve  tried direct mail, telemarketing and advertising to develop qualified leads, and you find yourself marketing, yet getting a low return on investment. Marketing companies sell paper leads that are sold multiple times to other industries in similar business like yours. You’ll find that the prospect is run over with calls from your competitors.

You need leads that want to talk business with you. Marketing is the primary source of leads for your business. If you’re like most businesses, then you’re probably spend more time getting turned down by prospective clients about talking to you about your service — than talking to qualified clients, interested in your service.

The world of technology has developed an answer for you. Through the assistance of technology, marketing companies are able to offer live telephone prospect to you while they are still on the phone.

Not only is the time you would be spent to reach the prospect eliminated, the person on the phone is looking to do business with someone in your field of expertise. This lead that is transferred to you directly, is in essence a live opportunity to win someones business. 

If you’re in the mortgage industry, having live transfer leads, is one of the best ways of generating new business. It cuts down the time you’d spend on TRYING to generate leads, and lets you focus on the most important part of the sale, SELLING.

If you’re interested in some live transfer lead companies, we’ve identified a few mortgage live transfer lead vendors for your review.

Tax Implications of Personal Injury Settlements


Generally speaking, personal injury settlements and awards are considered tax-free income, meaning you don’t have to pay the IRS a dime out of your winnings. The money awarded to you through either an official judgment or a well-negotiated settlement will be yours to split with your attorney. Note, however, that this view of the tax law takes only specific forms of compensation into account. Bodily injuries, quantifiable pain and suffering as the result of said injuries, medical bill awards, and lost wages directly attributable to physical injury are seen as offsetting a loss and are therefore not touched by the government. As you might have guessed, though, that’s not the end of the story.

Jurisdictional Variations
In addition to the federal government’s role in collecting taxes, each state also has their own tax laws. Some of these may differ substantially from the national IRS, so it pays to speak with a tax expert before signing on to a settlement. The federal tax code is thankfully straightforward on the matter of personal injury settlements, but some states may have obscure and difficult-to-understand laws regarding taxation. 

Exceptions to the Rule
Punitive damages are regarded as taxable income. These awards are intended to punish the person or company with a monetary “fine” which then goes to the plaintiff. If you’ve received punitive damages as part of your compensation package, the sum must be added to the gross income calculation on that year’s tax return forms. 

It is also worth noting that any interest you accrue through investments made with your personal injury settlement are fully taxable under the federal code. The only exceptions are special trusts or accounts which defer taxation to a later time, but these exceptions are not unique to lawsuit settlements. 

Case Specific Settlements
Some attorneys take taxation into account when negotiating a settlement and for good reason. How you settle a case can have a bearing on how much of the award must be handed over to the IRS. For instance, if you negotiate a settlement agreement that states all money is intended for visible physical injuries, the money will be nontaxable. If the award comes from a judge or jury, however, the amount may be itemized in a way that puts more of it up for grabs. The IRS isn’t necessarily beholden to a legal agreement’s specific wording, but it will hold up in most instances.

Important Things To Note
The federal government’s tax code can be tricky for even a lawyer versed in the field, so don’t be surprised when there are exceptions upon exceptions that obscure the law. Here are some of the most important things to note:

  • If you have already claimed a medical expense deduction on your tax returns, the IRS expects you to make up that difference with any future personal injury award.
  • Cases which involve no physical injury such as libel, employment-related settlements, wrongful termination, and discrimination may result in settlements that are taxable under the current law.
  • Though punitive damages are usually taxable, they too fall under tax-exempt status when awarded in wrongful death cases.

A Final Word
Though there are exceptions as noted above, personal injury settlements fall largely into tax-exempt status. Why is this important? Because too many people throw away their chance to sue for damages based on the erroneous notion that most of their award will go to the IRS. Nine times out of ten, this simply isn’t the case. If you have a legitimate personal injury case, talk to a good lawyer in your area, speak to a tax professional if necessary, and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

About The Author

The author of this blog post is Kenneth E. Norman, a Woodland Hills Personal Injury lawyer, who helps victims of personal injuries get the settlements they deserve. 


Social Media “selfie” photobooths


In 2014,  there’s no better advertising medium than social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google , and others are supplying excellent online marketing opportunities for small businesses. With the recent trend of “selfies” – where people are taking them virtually anywhere-everywhere, social media is potentially the most powerful advertising medium for a small business. This blog post is about a new device that may potentially revolutionize the concept of social media.

If you’re a small business interested in expanding his/her social media profile, without having to pay a social media company, then you should consider the “instapic” social media photobooth.

Consumers are nowadays taking selfies virtually everywhere — with the advent of smartphones and popular apps like Instagram. The InstaPic social media photobooth gives businesses a tool to insert themselves in the “selfie” action that a consumer will be doing. The social media photobooth from Instapic snaps a selfie, with a selection of various high quality frames.

THEN (the most cool part), the photobooth allows customers to post the pictures online (Instagram , Facebook).

The photobooth accepts cash/debit cards, in addition to having a 27” touch screen which makes it easy to read/use.

The social media photobooth shares the images by uploading to twitter, facebook, pinterest, in addition to being able to email it, send it as an SMS, or print it.

To learn more, visit:

The Many Settings for Custom Aquariums


For many people, an aquarium is not only a place to keep their fish, but also a focal point for all who pass by. The aquariums of today are more than just a glass container that sets on a table or desk. Instead, they are creative masterpieces that not only provide a home to various kinds of sea creatures, but also add an architectural style that’s second-to-none for any home, business or other place. Some of the more popular places for custom aquariums include homes, schools, hotels, museums, casinos, amusement parks, restaurants and other businesses. 

Because aquariums can act as excellent educational tools, many schools and museums are starting to incorporate them into their architecture. Most custom aquariums in these settings are constructed in the lobby or near the front of the building, acting as an eye-catching design for visitors and a gathering place for kids and staff. These aquariums can be as small as 500 gallons or as big as 35,000 gallons, and are often used as backdrops for educational programs or other public gatherings.

For places where there are large crowds mingling, custom aquariums offer a place where people can gather and observe the various creatures staring back at them. Some of the world’s best-known casinos and resorts have aquariums, with some having multiple aquariums at different points within the building. So if someone is down on their luck at the blackjack table, they can head to the aquarium and find a captive audience with which to share their despair.

Private homes have in recent years become big business for designers of custom aquariums. Built in almost every part of a house, from bedrooms and basements to bathrooms and game rooms, these aquariums are easily the focus of attention for a homeowner’s guests. Many celebrities, including singing star Lady Gaga and former pro football player Chad Johnson, have elaborate custom-designed aquariums in their cribs. Lady Gaga’s tank is filled with various kinds of Japanese fish, while Mr. Johnson’s is about as elaborate as aquariums can get, encompassing an entire wall and sporting three wide-screen televisions built into the structure. 

Whether it’s an educational setting, an entertainment setting or a luxurious private residence, custom aquariums are a hot trend in contemporary architectural design. As celebrities and others have shown, these magnificent structures continue to astound and amaze, and are certain to remain popular for many years to come. 

About The Author

This guest blog post was written by Nathaniel Olivieria, a writer for SeaQuatic Custom Aquariums, a company based out of Florida.